Korean-American artist MINA CHEON (PhD, MFA) is a new media artist, scholar, and educator. She divides her time between United States and South Korea, residing in Baltimore, New York, and Seoul. Cheon is a full-time professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore and teaches courses in foundation, electronic media, and liberal arts. In 2010, Cheon was awarded MICA's MLK Unity Week Award for her efforts on expanding cultural diversity within and beyond the MICA community. One of Cheon’s important educational contributions has been her international work. She founded and directed the intercultural and interdisciplinary summer study abroad program known as MICA KOREA that ran from 2004 to 2007 in Seoul and worked with various Korean colleges such as Hong-ik University and the Korean National University of Arts. With the collaboration of architect Gabriel Kroiz, who is currently the program director of UG Architecture program at Morgan State University (MSU), the CHEON KROIZ team devoted their summers to international exchange projects with students, faculty, and artists from both the United States and South Korea. The summer 2010 international collaboration was held at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, where students from MICA, MSU, and Ewha joined in on collective public projects that culminated into a book COMBAT: SPORTS + MILITARY published by Culture Bank Publishing Co., 2010. This book documented art activism that took place all around Seoul and the many projects that responded to the social and political climate of South Korea and in relation to the world at the time. Since then, Cheon has taught in the Globall Affairs International School of Ewha during the summers and was a visiting professor in the art department in 2011. As an artist, Cheon has exhibited her artwork nationally and internationally. She makes artwork that range from paintings and sculptures to interactive and new media, video, installation, and performance and merges her artistic practice with theoretical interests. She defines her recent body of work as Polipop (Political Pop Art) which was highlighted in her 2012 mid-career solo exhibition POLIPOP at the Sungkok Art Museum in Seoul, Korea. This exhibition was covered by many Korean broadcasting stations including KBS, SBS, YTN, Josun TV, and the Arirang Global TV. For the second installment of Polipop exhibition series in 2012, Cheon's solo exhibition, also a mid-career survey retrospective, POLIPOP and PAINTINGS was at the Maryland Art Place, center for contemporary art, in Baltimore, Maryland. Polipop and Paintings was featured in The Sun Paper, The City Paper, Urbanite, Artist Organized Art, The Engine, Voice of America, and the Signal. Political Pop Art deals with issues of global politics and popular media culture. Cheon makes artwork that looks at the triangular relationship between South Korea, North Korea, and the United States, as well as extended cultural comparatives such as between neighboring Asian nations such as Korea, Japan, and China. In 2012, Cheon assumed a North Korean artististic persona named KIM IL SOON and started her new body of work called DPRK POLIPOP as the North Korean version of Polipop, which is a political pop art campaign that promotes Korean reunification and global peace. Her exhibition CHOCO-PIE PROPAGANDA is currently exhibited at the Ethan Cohen New York Gallery. The recent artist statement for this body of work is SWEET REVOLUTION and another statement was released from MINA CHEON STUDIO early 2014, both published on Artist Organized Art. Included with the body of work of North Korean social realist paintings and EAT CHOCO-PIE TOGETHER, an installation of 10,000 choco-pies kindly donated to the artist for the installation by Orion Co., Cheon aka Kim, has also performed her RECITAL of "55 Speical Ways of Saying Dear Leader in North Korea." With Cheon's interest in global politics and co-national conflicts, her DOKDO PROJECT has been ongoing. She first showed a video installation at the Sungkok Art Museum in 2012, followed by DOKDO 2 rendition at the Korean American Film Festival in NY (KAFFNY) exhibition in 2013, and she has visited Dokdo numerous times for research and interview. Her 2008 solo exhibition ADDRESSING DOLLS at the C.Grimaldis Gallery in Baltimore in was awarded the 2008 Best Solo Exhibition by the City Paper. The exhibition revealed the geo-political complications between South and North Korea through girls’ play things such as dolls and paper doll dresses. The exhibition was featured and reviewed in Voices of America, The Sun Paper, Artist Organized Arts, The City Paper, Radar Redux, Urbanite, WYPR, 88.1 Radio, NPR News Station. Her other past invitational solo exhibitions include DIZZ/PLACEMENT at the Insa Art Space, Arts Council, Seoul, Korea in 2005 which included her work first political pop art HALF MOON EYES and in 2002, Cheon had her first solo exhibition in New York at the Lance Fung Gallery entitled GROUNDLESS which she got reviews from The NY Times and The Village Voice. Cheon’s participation to group exhibitions include showing at the Korus House, Korean Embassy in D.C. as well as an ongoing exhibition at the residence of the United States Ambassador residence in Seoul, Korea, where former Ambassador Kathleen Stephens selected Korean-American artists work through the Art in Embassy program; “Athena’s Daughters,” curated by Grace Hartigan, at the Maryland Art Place in 2004; International Women’s Arts Festival in Taiwan, exhibition at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in 2003; group exhibition “PIX” at Lance Fung and Emily Harvey Gallery in 2002; and “The Flow of New Tendencies in Korean Art” at the Korean Cultural Arts Foundation in 2000. Her video art works have recently been collected at the Smithsonian Art Collection in D.C. as well as collected and archived by EVR (e-flux video rental), a project that collects, archives, and screens video artworks selected by curators of New York, Miami, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Seoul, Korea. As a writer and scholar, Cheon’s latest book SHAMANISM + CYBERSPACE (2009, Atropos Press, NY and Dresden) deals with the complex issues of magic and media in today’s cyber culture and is written in a postcolonial, performance, and gender studies perspectives. It is reviewed in the WolganMisool Arts Monthly of Seoul and in the Issue #30 of ArtUS. This theoretical book of 370 pages was adapted from her dissertation “The Shæman in Cyberspace: Dilemmas of Reproduction” (2008), which was completed for her doctoral degree in Philosophy of Media and Communications at the European Graduate School (EGS), Switzerland. Cheon has also written about art, culture, and technology for ArtUS magazine (LA, CA), Ctrl+P: Critical Arts Journal (Manila, Philippines), “SCI-ART” article series for the NY Arts Magazine (2002-2004), and Wolgan Misool. She was guest editor for Media-N, New Media Caucus, CAA, and for the Gwangju Biennale Catalog 2006. Cheon is also a correspondent and chair of diversity council for ARTIST ORGANIZED ART a non-profit group that showcases and publishes about art events around the world organized by artists. Cheon also served the Board of Directors of the Critical Arts Journal LINK between 2002-2005. Cheon has also participated and presented in numerous academic panels and symposiums and extended her public speaking in various forums. Upcoming are her participations to Leslie King Hammond’s diversity panel at 2011 College Arts Association (CAA) in NY and chairing a panel MAGIC + MEDIA sponsored by New Media Caucus (NMC), 2012 CAA in LA, and published in the Media-N Journal. Recently, she participated in the Think Tank Conference at MICA; THE SHAMAN panel with John Peacock, moderated by King Hammond; and gave a reading of her book “Shamanism + Cyberspace” at the HP Garcia Gallery in New York. Cheon was panelist for The 2010 MLK Special on The Marc Steiner Show, radio talk show as well as other distinguished panels such as the Cyber-feminism panel at the International Symposium of Electronic Art 2008; International Partnership panel of the National Council of Art Administrators 2008; and the Women’s Caucus for Art panel and the Art of Being Global panel at CAA NY 2007. Co-sponsored by the Maryland Institute College of Art and the 6th Gwangju Biennale 2006, Cheon also chaired the NMC panel at ARTspace ASIA EFFECTS IN NEW MEDIA at CAA Boston 2006. Other panel participation includes: International Symposium of Association of International Art Schools (AIAS) Conference 2005 and panelist for “2003 Technology: Resource for Change" of the National Endowment of Arts. Cheon’s larger art projects include organizing SCI-ART exhibition at Maryland Art Place in 2000 with educational program at Park School, funded by Maryland Arts Council, and her past history of assisting projects such as Nam June Paik’s infoART pavilion in Gwangju Biennale 1996 and the Seoul Fluxus Festival in 1993. In the past, Cheon worked commercially, working on branding and directing fashion shows and art events for a large fashion company SSamzie Co., a company that patrons contemporary Korean artists and one that sponsored some of Cheon’s artistic projects. Cheon earned her PhD degree in philosophy of media and communications at the European Graduate School (EGS) of European University for Interdisciplinary Studies (EUFIS), Saas-Fee, Wallis, Switzerland in 2008. Prior to EGS, Cheon was a Maryland Institute of Technology in the Humanities (MITH) Doctoral Fellow at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she first started her Ph.D. work in the Theatre History and Performance Studies department. Cheon also has two MFAs; one from the Hoffberger School of Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art (1999) and another from the Imaging Digital Arts (IMDA) program of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County: An Honors University of Arts, Science, and Technology (2002). Cheon's BFA was in Painting from the Ewha Woman’s University of Seoul, Korea (1996) Press coverage and reviews include: Art in America, ArtInfo, Art Daily, The Marc Steiner Show, WBALTV NBC, Arirang Global TV, Korean Broadcasting, YTN 24 Hours News, Chosun TV, Korea Times, Kukmin Daily, HanKyuRae Daily, Chosun Daily, World Daily News, OHMY News, Sungkok Art Museum, The Sun, B Likes/Dislikes, City Paper, The Signal, Voice of America, Artist Organized Art, The Engine Institute, The Urbanite p73, The Post Reality Show hosted by Randall Packer. Mina Cheon is also known by her past artist name MINALIZA1000 or by her pen name M-1000 and in Korea, by her Korean name 천민정. Email: minacheon@gmail.com All rights reserved. Copyright © by Mina Cheon 2014. Check out Baker Artist Awards Nomination Page for Mina Cheon for a fuller listing of artworks.