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Press Release from Ethan Cohen New York


January 15, 2016
Ethan Cohen New York is proud to announce that Mina Cheon, Korean political pop artist, in collaboration with architect Gabriel Kroiz, has won a distinguished art commission from the Baltimore Mayor’s office and the Office of Baltimore Promotion & the Arts to create 15 outdoor light sculptures for “Light City Baltimore.”This is the first large-scaled outdoor light festival in the United States and will debut this spring, March 28 – April 3, 2016.

Mina Cheon (aka Kim Il Soon), represented by Ethan Cohen New York has exhibited her political pop art internationally, recently campaigning for human rights in North Korea, and is Full-time Faculty at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Gabriel Kroiz, Principal of Kroiz Architecture and leader of sustainable architecture, is the Chair of Undergraduate Architecture Program and Associate Professor of the Morgan State University.
Together as the Cheon Kroiz, artist and architect collaborative team, they are showcasing Baltimore through art and design with the project “Diamonds Light Baltimore.”  As the anniversary of Freddie Gray’s passing approaches, the couple hopes to help heal Baltimore through the artistic interventions into the public space, social engagement, and a dialogue between the city and its residents. This is a significant moment that Cheon Kroiz is shinning light on the urban landscape in the United States, as Cheon works toward global peace through her social activism, and hopes to reach her efforts as far as North Korea. This is a part of her continued “Glocal” (global-local) project.
For more information about the artist in ECNY, please click here
For more information about the project, please click here

Mina Cheon and Gabriel Kroiz, Cheon Kroiz, Artist and Architect Collaborative Tea.Diamonds Light Baltimore, idea sketch for light installation by the water for Light City Baltimore.

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